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Beyond Good Grammar


On Monday August, 7 2017, SMPS Fort Worth welcomed Janell Broyles, Senior Marketing Coordinator for Freese and Nichols, as she presented the tools to help manage both internal and external writing tasks, from simple cover letters to complex and detailed technical documents. Beyond Good Grammar helped answer three critical questions: 

  1. Where Do I Start? How to map out a writing assignment.
  2. What Now? Managing the process of drafts and revisions.
  3. When is it Done? Knowing when a piece is complete, and guidelines for putting the finishing touches on what you write and produce.


We write to create positive results!

5 easy steps to create a strong outline

  1. Choose (or be assigned) your topic
  2. Brainstorm 3-5 "talking points"
  3. Organize your talking points/other information in a way that makes sense (most important points first)
  4. Flesh out your main points with content and details
  5. Review and revise

When preparing to write these are the questions to ask yourself and to answer in your writing!

Revision cycle should be repeated at least twice!


Check out the wonderful handouts that Janell shared with us to help improve our writing skills.

Be sure to read the recap from last year's workshop! January 20, 2016 Janell presented techniques to make our writing sharper and more effective using basic grammar rules, industry styles/standards and much more. 

Thank you Janell, great job!


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Education Recap

Monday August, 7 2017 we hosted Janell Broyles, Sr. Marketing Coordinator for Freese and Nichols, as she gave us tools to help manage both internal and external writing tasks, from simple cover letters to complex and detailed technical documents.


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