CPSM Spotlight


Cindy Sears-Clemmons, CPSM

Inside Sales Manager | Jacobs Engineering Group

Why did you pursue CPSM certification?

Since my college degree is not in field directly related to marketing, I felt it would add to my credibility as a professional.

Did you participate in a CPSM study group? If so, what did you gain? If not, how did you study?

Yes. I see two real benefits of a study group: 1. You are held accountable for the assignments and keeping up with the reading. 2. The test covers the application of best practices as documented in the readings. If you are at a small firm your processes may not be as structured or as aligned with best practices. Being in a study group lets you hear how folks from other firms apply best practices or processes that they may have developed that will help affirm what is in the readings.

What would you recommend to anyone considering taking the exam?

Participate in a study group and focus the reading on the Marketing Handbook. Go to study group even if you didn’t finish the reading – you will gain benefit from the discussion of the application of the topics.

Now that you’ve earned your CPSM, what is your next big personal or professional goal?

I would like to become a PMP and/or a SMPS Fellow.

Fun Fact About You / Hobby

I broke my leg this winter running on a treadmill. I didn’t fall or trip – just a regular treadmill run. I didn’t even know I broke it and continued running until the swelling and limping was too much to ignore. I’m going crazy and want to get back to my regular workout routine.

Jacobs has given me a lot of travel opportunities this year. Working for a global firm may give you a chance to apply your company’s proposal process on an international basis. I recommend it!


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