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Develop your skills and help shape the future of our organization by taking a leadership role in SMPS Fort Worth. Our Board of Directors and committee members join together to further the interests of our organization, our community and the philanthropic efforts we support. The exposure that SMPS brings to you as an individual along with the organization you serve can help take your career and company to new heights.

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"Becoming an SMPS Fort Worth member has given me so many opportunities to network with other marketing professionals and sharpen my job skills through seminars. I've enjoyed how friendly everyone is and the variety of ways to become involved with the organization on a level other than simply attending events."

Kaitlyn Dominguez, Communications Manager - CKearney Consulting

"I have been an SMPS member since July 2015. I chose the SMPS Fort Worth chapter because of its unique and inclusive style. Everyone made me feel welcome and they were genuinely excited about the chapter and its direction!"

Trameika Vaxter, Executive Vice President - Ware & Associates

"I’ve participated in several events since joining SMPS Fort Worth two months ago. All of the people I’ve met have gone above and beyond to welcome and include me in the SMPS family. In this short time, I can clearly see that SMPS is a friendly place where I can network with other like-minded people and increase my professional skills to help with my career advancement. I look forward to getting more involved in the upcoming months."

Laura Weber, Proposal Coordinator - LANE

"Personally, I enjoy the networking events that SMPS offers. It’s a great way to get to know other marketers in the area, and you can really foster some lasting relationships with the folks that you meet.

When I was considering applying at Jacobs, I was able to reach out to Diana and Debbie (SMPS Fort Worth members and co-workers) to talk about the job as more than just what was posted because I saw them regularly at various SMPS functions and had established a professional friendly connection with them. Their insights helped me really tune in to what would be expected on the job, which pushed me off the fence about submitting my portfolio for consideration.

I was able to better prepare for the interview, and I was ultimately offered the position. Without SMPS, that might not have been possible.The programs that SMPS puts together are educational and help keep me on top of trends in the marketing world in addition to current news in the AEC industry.

I love getting Marketer in the mail, and I often use the MRC to review some of the articles referenced in more depth. Professionally, the personal contacts that I’ve made via SMPS have been an asset to the company as well.

Membership in SMPS can lead to actual projects for firms if you are active and follow up with people. For instance, I made a contact with an MEP firm’s marketing person, who happened to run a leads call with various industry contacts. After talking with her about it, she sent me an invite, and after the very first call, I was able to pass on some early insights and leads on projects to two of the principals that I was working in tandem with. I have met people who have gone on to serve as subcontractors for pursuits, and many of those have been sending me leads for the firm along the way.

The ability to stay “in the know” about the AEC industry in addition to marketing also provides a noticeable benefit to the company. Because of my involvement in SMPS, I have been able to introduce new ways of carrying out marketing-related processes to the firms I have worked with, and I have been able to better understand how to best represent our services to potential clients given various conditions common in the greater AEC industry."

Nicole Hanes Kosanovich, Inside Sales Manager - Jacobs