10 Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Organizational Involvement

Jen Yoder


Jennifer C. Yoder, CPSM - JRB Engineering

We all know life can get packed full of meetings, deadlines, and responsibilities – and those are just in your professional world. It is easy to stay chained to your desk or be hyper-focused on internal matters. But, it’s important to your company, and yourself, that you get out of the office every once in a while, mingle with other professionals, and give back to your industry, even if it has to be on your personal time. This will not only help improve your firm’s brand, but your personal brand as well.

1. Get Involved

You get out of any organization what you put into it. The more you put into an organization, the more rewarding the experience will be. Start with joining a committee and you will find yourself developing a new level of relationships, and respect. 

2. Become a Leader

Elevate your service over time and take on new responsibilities. Board service is the ultimate experience in leadership development from lessons in ethics, accountability, leadership, group dynamics, and crisis management and communications. It is also a great way to develop and disseminate a strong personal brand.

3. Utilize Your Strengths

Serve in roles that utilize your strengths. Are you a great graphic designer? Offer to work on communications. If finance is your strength, serve as treasurer. If you love social media, offer to post; tweet; and pin.

4. Develop Your Skills

Set goals for your professional and personal development. Discover what you want to improve upon and find a way to develop those skills through roles in your organization.

5. Infuse Your Passions

When you infuse your passions, you also infuse your energy. Take your passions, and find ways to infuse them into your organization. This can often open new opportunities to grow your organization and your personal brand. Are you passionate about politics? Offer to provide a legislative update. If you have a love for giving back, offer to help with a fundraiser.

6. Get Social

One of the greatest benefits to getting involved in your organization is the opportunity to join a community of people that often times share the same struggles and victories. Getting to know those you serve with and getting social with them will help you build a great network of support, encouragement, resources, and even friendship.

7. Bring it Back to the Office

Utilize your role to become a provider of information and resources to your colleagues, or be the connecter to who they want to reach. Update them on what is going on in the industry and with your organization. Invite them to events and brief them on what you learn. Connect them to people who can help them reach their goals. 

8. Do What You Say You Will Do

Only commit to what you know you can do well. Your reputation is key.

9. Do Not Overcommit

For many of us saying no can be difficult. We want to help and contribute but we can only do so effectively when we are not stretching ourselves too thin.


Organizational involvement takes volunteering your time, and often your personal time. When you approach it with a positive attitude and have fun, you will find yourself gaining immense benefits from the experience allowing you to grow personally and professionally.

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About Jen Yoder

As a past chapter president, currently serving on the national business development committee, Jennifer Yoder, CPSM is proud to be an active member of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) and even prouder to have served on the formation committee and initial board of the SMPS Fort Worth chapter. Jennifer also serves on the American Society for Highway Engineers (ASHE) SWOT, PR, and conference committees, and is spearheading the new Dallas / Fort Worth section. With a passion for speaking, Jennifer serves as a keynote speaker, emcee, panel moderator, session speaker, workshop facilitator, and live text message polling moderator for a variety of organizations including her clients and for conferences throughout the US. Jennifer has been honored as Fort Worth 40 under 40, Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS), North Florida Woman of the Year, SMPS Rising Star, and multiple SMPS Marketing Communications Awards.

Jennifer serves as Vice President of Business Development for JRB Engineering, a full service DBE geotechnical, construction materials testing and environmental consulting firm with offices throughout Texas. As Vice President of Business Development, Jennifer will be developing and implementing strategies along with creating teaming opportunities to capture work throughout the Southern US. Jennifer also represents Rone Engineering, mentor to JRB Engineering.