Jared Edwards 

Marketing Coordinator | Baird, Hampton & Brown, Inc.

Why did you join SMPS?

I joined to learn from and network with other marketing/business development professionals in the AEC industry. SMPS presents an amazing opportunity to obtain professional education, networking opportunites and other valuable resources to improve myself as a marketing professional which in turn improves the marketing capabilities of Baird, Hampton & Brown.

What have you gained from SMPS?

Insights to where our industry might be heading in the future, connections or relationships with other relevant industry professionals, education on the newest and latest software for Marketing in service industries to name a few.

Fun Fact About You / Hobby

I love the game of basketball. You will rarely find a time when I don’t know what’s going on with the NBA or college basketball. Also, you can often find me at a local gym playing pick up basketball games on the weekends around Fort Worth.

What is your top marketing tip?

Marketing is all about story-telling. So, tell a good one.

What is a marketing challenge that you overcame and how?

I have found that most of my challenges in marketing come from when I have to “fit a square peg into a round hole,” if you will. The key to overcoming these challenges is thinking of all the possible solutions and then combining some of those solutions. There’s never a perfect answer in those situations until you create one.

What is your personal professional goal for this year?

My goal is to become a plugged in member with SMPS Fort Worth. Also, I want to grow my Adobe Creative Cloud skillset by either learning Illustrator, Photoshop or both.

What was the best tip anyone ever gave you regarding your profession?

The more you look to help your team succeed, the more you will succeed.

Additional information

My wife and I will be expecting our first child and daughter, Aera, in March. I’m very excited for her arrival. Aubree and I keep ourselves busy in the meantime through being plugged in at Watermark Community Church in Fort Worth.

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