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Brews & Views

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The SMPS Fort Worth chapter held our first-ever Brews & Views members-only event to discuss the recent SMPS Southern Regional Conference (SRC) held in February. Over breakfast and coffee the group participated in a great roundtable discussion about the conference sessions they attended and their favorite takeaways.

The conference kicked-off with a chapter leaders session were the Society President Criag Galati shared the vision statement for SMPS, "Business Transformed Through Marketing Leadership". 

Attendees agreed that this year’s opening keynote speaker, Jay Acunzo, was one of the best in SRC history. He opened with the idea that it has never been easier to be average which means now we have to be exceptional! Jay went on to share these steps to get yourself, your team or your company over the seemingly scary gab between where we are now and where we want to be. 

  1. Throw our aspirational anchor
  2. Find our principal insight
  3. Launch a constrained project
  4. Add what makes us unique
  5. Rally true believers
  6. Expand to create something exceptional

Jay told the story of how Death Wish Coffee did just this by thinking out of the box, using the available resources wisely, honing in on their audience and launching a unique brand allowing them to stand out in the market.

To remind our members of this great message, Brews & Views attendees received a bag of Death Wish Coffee K-Cups to help fuel them in their quest to become exceptional instead of just average. Check out the Death Wish Coffee story here.

This was the first year for the conference to have lunch time MAX (Market * Act * Exchange) sessions and they were a big hit! Perryn Olson, COSM, CCMP inspired us to be the change catalyst! As Rachel Platten's song reminds us we "might only have one match but can make an explosion!" 

Meloni McDaniel, AIA shared that we are not called to be mediocre but great. We need to find our "thing" that gets us through the hard work it takes to be great. If we all rise our leadership level we can cause a rising tide that raises all boats! By ourselves we are useless but together we are remarkable. She ended with a challenge to "go conquer this industry and be great!!!"

Jordan Hora concluded the MAX sessions by charging us to get out of the corner, we are the only ones keeping ourselves there. Switch off our screen & step into others reality. Be a voice for those not yet at the table. The future is the place we are going to create. Learn more about the speakers here

Brews & Views concluded with SMPS Fort Worth recognizing Pamela Conine, Marketing Manager for Dunaway Associates, for her hard work as the SRC Co-Chair. Great work, Pamela!

Thank you to all our members who attended Brews & Views! We look forward to the next one. Check out our social media (Facebook and Twitter) from the conference to see more photos, content and quotes.

Missing a few in this picture but absolutely loved the fantastic turnout from the Fort Worth members at SMPS SRC!

A few session topics discussed included:

  • Learning From Great Leaders and the Stories of Their Paths
  • Essentials of Ghostwriting
  • Value of Non-Technical Staff
  • Neuroselling from RFQ to the Boardroom
  • Being the Change Catalyst
  • Striving for Greatness Over Mediocrity
  • Video Killed the Written Star: Planning & Implementing Videos
  • Finding the Secret Recipe
  • One Wrong Project Ruins Your Brand
  • Change Your Perspective. Engage Your Clients. Realize Value.
  • Design-Build an AEC Content Marketing Program with Big Impact
  • Revenue Hiding in Plain Sight
  • Big Impact. Dare to Upgrade Your Personal Brand
  • The Evolution of an AEC Marketer

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Event Recap


Friday, March 3, 2017

The SMPS Fort Worth chapter kicked off the annual membership drive, Run for the Roses, with a new and prospective member orientation breakfast. Attendees got to see presentations by Natalie Gozzard - SMPS Headquarters Chapter Services Manager - Gloria Moss - SMPS Fort Worth Membership Director - and Krystal Bybee, CPSM - SMPS Fort Worth President.

Natalie’s presentation focused on the benefits members receive from Headquarters, which include the Marketer magazine, Marketer QuickLook e-newsletter, the Certified Professional Services Marketer Program, and the many other online resources on MySMPS.

Members you absolutely should take a minute to check out Specifically, your profile as it is a wealth of knowledge but also impacts your personal SEO.

Gloria’s presentation gave an overview of SMPS Fort Worth’s Board of Directors, volunteer opportunities on committees, the New Member Challenge, upcoming events and the Membership Drive.

When a new member joins SMPS Fort Worth, Rodeo Rocket (the horse chosen to represent the chapter) advances in the race, bringing SMPS Fort Worth one step closer to winning the international competition. There are prizes for those that become a new member and those that refer a member. You are eligible to enter a drawing for an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot! Check out the details here.

Krystal wrapped up the event by sharing her story of why she became involved in SMPS, how it has benefited her career, and how new members can get plugged into the organization by joining a committee.

Thank you to all our members and prospective members who attended! We hope to see you at the next event.

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Why Did You Join SMPS?

Member Video Campaign

We Need Your Help Showcasing the Benefits of SMPS!

In conjunction with the Rodeo Rocket Membership Derby, we are encouraging everyone to post a video on social media of you sharing why you joined SMPS Fort Worth and the value of being a member.

Here’s how to do it

  • Record the video via Facebook Live or share a pre-recorded video on your Facebook page
  • Be in a quiet location so you are easily heard and understood on your video
  • You must tag SMPS Fort Worth using our handle @SMPSFortWorth
  • Use the hashtag #membersloveSMPS
  • Keep the video brief, between 1-2 minutes
  • Make sure you include the value you get from your SMPS membership/why you joined/how it has helped you professionally and/or personally (this is very important!)
  • As a token of appreciation, SMPS FW will give a $5 gift card to the first 30 members who post a video! 
  • Post your video before May 1


Member quotes to inspire you

“I love how many opportunities there are to plug in and really become involved in the organization through committees, volunteering and networking events. I recently left my full-time marketing job to stay home with my newborn daughter, but SMPS helps me stay connected and keep my marketing skills sharp.”

Kaitlyn Dominguez - CKearney Consulting

“Everyone in SMPS is very friendly and welcoming. As an independent marketing consultant and business owner, I love that SMPS gives me the opportunity to bounce ideas off 'coworkers’ and industry peers."

Julie Shaffer, CPSM - Shaffer Creative, LLC

“My involvement in SMPS early on in my current career has really expanded my role and credibility within my company.”

Elizabeth Humble - PRIM Construction

“My firm encouraged me to become involved in SMPS so I decided to give it a try. I’ve really enjoyed expanding my network and getting to know people through all of the chapter events and programs.”

Abby Davis - Teague Nall & Perkins, Inc.

“I was encouraged by my manager to join SMPS and soon found myself involved in the membership committee, eventually leading to me becoming a board member! I’m thankful for SMPS and how I’ve made so many invaluable connections – both professional and personal – through the organization.”

Amy Amaya, CPSM - Freese and Nichols, Inc.

“When I started a new job, I discovered I would be responsible for several marketing tasks, many of which I had never done before since marketing was not my background. I joined SMPS and learned everything I needed to know to do my job well. I couldn’t have done it on my own. I also love that the programs and events give me an opportunity to catch up with other marketing professionals, celebrate accomplishments and grow both personal and professional relationships.”

Krystal Bybee, CPSM - The Rios Group, Inc.

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Become a Member or Refer a Member 

March 1, 2017 - May 31, 2017 

Become a member or refer a member to build the chapter and keep us in the race to win some really great prizes. The winning from the race would help bring value to your membership and our chapter events. It's a win-win for everyone!

Our horse, Rodeo Rocket, needs your help by becoming a member or referring a member. If you do either you will get a $10 Starbucks gift card! 

If you join SMPS Fort Worth between March 1, 2017 and May 31, 2017 you are eligible for the Amazon Echo drawing. 

If you refer someone to become an SMPS Fort Worth member, by filling out the Refer a Colleague form - click here, and they join between March 1, 2017 and May 31, 2017 you are eligible for the Amazon Echo Dot drawing. 

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CPSM Spotlight


Courtney Kearney

Owner | CKearney Consulting, LLC

Why did you pursue CPSM certification?

I pursued the CPSM certification for the professional benefits. I was pleasantly surprised to experience a great deal of personal and professional growth and the knowledge gained while studying for the CPSM is priceless.

Did you participate in a CPSM study group? If so, what did you gain? If not, how did you study?

In 2013, I joined the SMPS Fort Worth CPSM Study Group. I committed to see it through and sit for the exam even though I was pregnant and had a three-year-old at the time, which took up the majority of what little free time I had available. I am so thankful to the study group and those that held me accountable to prepare and follow through to the exam. I took the CPSM exam nine months pregnant and learned I passed just days before giving birth.

What would you recommend to anyone considering taking the exam?

Through trial and error discover how you learn best. Some of us can read the Markendum once and ace the exam, others of us need to read it, take notes, re-read things, hear others talk about it, visualize it and all these resources are there at your fingertips. Take the time to try out different techniques so you can ace the exam too!

Now that you’ve earned your CPSM, what is your next big personal or professional goal?

My goal is to rock it as President of the 2017-2018 board and lead this chapter in the pursuit to best serve our awesome members.

Fun Fact About You / Hobby

My family is my hobby and gets any available free time! My Irish, bagpipe playing, fireman husband of ten plus years and our two amazing daughters (ages 7 and 3) keep me challenged and well loved.


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