SMPS Fort Worth Board Position Needed: Secretary

This is an ideal position for someone interested in getting more involved with the SMPS Fort Worth Chapter. No previous experience is required - simply the desire to get involved and help keep the Board moving forward through the end of the year. The next SMPS Board year begins in August 2020, so the Secretary will need to be available through those dates. 

The Secretary serves as the recorder for the Chapter and ensures minutes are taken, recorded, and distributed at all Board and executive Committee meetings. The Secretary is responsible for the Chapter’s bylaws.  The Secretary also serves on the executive Committee of the Chapter.

Secretary Tasks:

  • Attend all Board meetings (once a month)
  • Prepare/distribute minutes for each Board meeting within one week of meeting
  • Develop Board meeting agenda with input from President and distribute Monday before each meeting
  • Maintain document with “lessons learned” from past events; include information in meeting minutes also
  • Maintain/distribute Board and Committee contact list
  • Maintain archives
  • Attends SMPS national conference, if able


Interested? Have questions? Please contact [email protected] for all inquiries.

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