Webinar Recap


November 12, 2015


SMPS Fort Worth held a webinar for members to learn about the CPSM certification and the upcoming study group. The group in attendance took the first step toward joining a distinguished group of professionals who have made a commitment to professional excellence, career advancement, and an ongoing pursuit of knowledge.

Krystal Bybee, Business Manager at The Rios Group, and Tara Anderson, Marketing Manager at Hill & Wilkinson General Contractors, presented a ton of great information to group of ten or so members that called in Thursday, November 12.

For example, did you know there are more than 800 CPSMs nationwide?  Over those five are in Fort Worth and 14 in Dallas. This group of professionals have completed their journey on the road to CPSM certification which was outlined on the webinar and below.

  • Purchase study materials. (Handbook and study gGuide required)
  • Join the Fort Worth CPSM study group.
  • Study hard!
  • Submit an application form with fee to SMPS National.
  • Sit for the CPSM exam.
  • Celebrate your success!
  • Get your CEU’s through SMPS Fort Worth, conferences or other technical training opportunities.
  • Renew certification.
  • Recertification fee required once every three years.

The five step CPSM application process was discussed as well.

  1. Prepare and study for the CPSM test.
  2. Complete the CPSM Application Form and submit application fee online.  ($245 Member, $350 Nonmember)
  3. Send a copy of your college transcript, or a notarized photocopy of your degree (when applicable), to the SMPS National Certification Department.
  4. Await acceptance of your application. You will receive written confirmation of your acceptance to the program.
  5. Sit for the test at PSI testing center within 1 year of your initial application.

There is a cost associated with earning your CPSM.

  • Application Fee: $245
  • Study Group Fee: $100 (refundable)
  • Required Resources: $95
  • Exam Fee: $275
  • Total (Members) $715
  • Total (Nonmembers) $960
Key dates to be aware of for the stufy group:
  • Enrollment closes – December 29, 2015
  • Orientation meeting – January 7, 2016
  • Sessions start – January 11, 2016
  • Drop date – February 8, 2016
  • 16 Mandatory Monday Night Meetings
  • Last Session – August 22, 2016
  • Tentative exam date – September 3, 2016
  • Exam deadline for Study Group refund – October 29, 2016 

We hope this informaiton has done it's job and convinced you to join the study group.  If so, pleaes contact Krystal Bybee by December 29, 2015 to enroll in the Study Group.

Click here for the full presentation.

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Education Event Recap

Drive Performance Higher with Marketing Analytics Recap

October 22, 2015


SMPS Southern Regional Conference 2015 Presenter

Chuck Roberts joined SMPS Fort Worth for an educational seminar last Thursday to share 7 analytical tools we should be utilizing to drive our firm’s performance, and our careers, higher. Chuck made it clear from the beginning that the tools don’t take a lot of resources to start implementing now, or require you to be a mathematician!

“The A/E/C industry has been slow to adopt proven marketing approaches, including marketing analytics. Implementing analytics now could provide a 2-3 year competitive advantage” – Chuck Roberts

The 7 tools we focused on included:

  • Return on Business Development Investment (ROBDI)
  • 3-Dimensional Positioning
  • Attribute analysis
  • Force Field Analysis
  • Price Sensitivity Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Face Time Tracking (#1 Leading Metric)

Chuck also emphasized that it’s critical to have a strong sense of awareness of the environment around you, even outside our industry, so that you can determine how events apply to your firm. An example that was given was to project what Wal-Mart’s top seller on black Friday means for your firm, and the A/E/C industry. (In 2013 the top seller was a washcloth pack going for less than $1.00!)

Above all though, the data you pull together using marketing analytics isn’t useful if you can’t communicate to others in your firm. Chuck urged us all to communicate benefits first, then follow up with features.

Chuck Roberts offers presentation demos for firms interested in going deeper into marketing analytics, presentation skills training, or strategic planning, (to name a few.) For more information you can visit his website at

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Member Spotlight

Trameika Vaxter

Executive Vice President | Ware & Associates


Why did you join SMPS?

I joined SMPS so that I could utilize my public relations / marketing communications expertise and learn best practices from other marketing professionals.

Fun Fact About You / Hobby

I know how to ride a motorcycle. I love watching football with my husband.

What is a marketing challenge that you overcame and how?

Rebranding a nonprofit organization – conducting branding and marketing communications exercises by using a for-profit organization approach.

What is your top marketing tip?

Make sure that your message is consistent across all platforms.

What is your personal professional goal for this year?

To successfully land a profitable client.

What was the best tip anyone ever gave you regarding your profession?

Your company’s brand is the essence of who you are, so make sure your marketing communications efforts are aligned accordingly.


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