Sponsor Spotlight: CKearney Consulting

SMPS Fort Worth is thankful for the partnerships we have with our wonderful sponsors. Today, we are proud to spotlight Silver sponsor CKearney Consulting.

Do you suggle with any of these roadblocks?

  • Missing project history and resume information
  • Tracking and maintaining opportunities and hit rate
  • No time to keep company and project data up to date in the system
  • Cumbersome reporting for weekly/quarterly team meetings

These are common struggles every Marketing and Business Development professional faces at some point in time and greatly impact your efficiency and productivity!

CKearney Consulting partners with A/E/C firms to tear down these barricades and pave the way to open roads. We provide insight into Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems and processes sharing advice and guidance for optimization to increate your efficitiveness and ROI.

It’s our desire to provide quality services so our clients can live the working lifestyle they want, free from the stress of overwhelming data or an inefficient system. It’s the WHY behind what we do.


What our clients say….

“CKearney staff has assisted us with multiple (CRM) data imports and has helped us quickly troubleshoot problems. Their expertise and understanding of the best practices for managing large amounts of data has been extremely helpful. CKearney is a great resource!”

“It is a true value to know that someone is on top of our CRM data that we can reach out to at any given moment. CKC was able to fulfill our needs so we no longer have to worry about filling a vacant position and where we would have to train someone from the ground up. They are proactive on bringing information to our attention that needs to be addressed if there is an issue with our system or data.”

“CKC is always there and helps implement features that we otherwise wouldn't be aware of.”



CKearney Consulting offers CRM services to meet your system and data related needs, whether you need advising, hands-on help or simply need someone to do it all for you!

About Our Founder

Courtney Kearney, CPSM is the founder and owner of CKC and is known for her love of data! She brings her marketing skills and years of experience to a technical world of databases, processes, and numbers. She is a CRM thought leader, writing white papers, leading roundtables, and giving presentations at local and national conferences. Courtney has served in several leadership roles at SMPS Fort Worth including 2017-18 President.

Contact CKearney Consulting Today | ckearneyconsulting.com


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    Sponsor Spotlight: CKearney Consulting

    CKearney Consulting offers CRM (client relationship management) services to meet your CRM system and data related needs, whether you need advising, hands-on help or simply need someone to do it all for you!


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