Member Spotlight

Trameika Vaxter

Executive Vice President | Ware & Associates


Why did you join SMPS?

I joined SMPS so that I could utilize my public relations / marketing communications expertise and learn best practices from other marketing professionals.

Fun Fact About You / Hobby

I know how to ride a motorcycle. I love watching football with my husband.

What is a marketing challenge that you overcame and how?

Rebranding a nonprofit organization – conducting branding and marketing communications exercises by using a for-profit organization approach.

What is your top marketing tip?

Make sure that your message is consistent across all platforms.

What is your personal professional goal for this year?

To successfully land a profitable client.

What was the best tip anyone ever gave you regarding your profession?

Your company’s brand is the essence of who you are, so make sure your marketing communications efforts are aligned accordingly.


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